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Judo Training

Download the Judo Kyu requirements to better prepare you for upcoming promotions.

Download: Judo Children’s Kyu (belt requirements)

Taekwondo Training

What makes perfect? Perfect practice, and it should be done often. As you get higher in rank theres lots to remember and not enough time in class to always practice everything. So training at home becomes very important. Find recommendations of what you should practice and exercises to perform in your student notebook.

Taekwondo Student Notebook

Our Taekwondo student notebook is available to help you prepare for your belt exams, inform you of the rules of the school and help you set goals for future belt ranks. We recommend printing out the notebook to write down your goals for reaching belts and notes about things you learned in class.

Download: TKD Student Notebook

Taekwondo Testing Schedule

Final Exam/Graduation. **Black Belt Exam

F:January 12 /G:January 19
F:March 2** /G:March 9**
F:May 4 /G:May 11
F:July 13** /G:July 20**
F:October 5 /G:October 12
F:November 30** /G:December 7**